Welcome to Patmos Youth

Patmos Youth exist to partner with God to create a better future. We doing this by teaching humans how to be Human again. Learning, service, and play are the methods our youth use to carry out their vision.

It’s true that the middle and high school years are a time of soul searching in many ways, including deciding on a belief system. By creating a safe space, providing spiritual direction, and fostering open discussion, Patmos helps youth become believers and doers of the Way of Jesus.

–  Jordan Soliday, Youth Pastoral Assistant

(814) 207-6413

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The Drip

The Drip is a “learning space” and participatory way of gathering and being for Christians aged 13-22. We practice openness in everything we do. Often we break out into small group discussions to reflect on material shared, play fun and meaningful games, sing, pray, and eat together. This is where youth can laugh, learn, challenge the status quo, and grow together as they dive into relevant topics. By joining The Drip sessions, youth are welcomed into an environment where they can be exactly who they are without judgment, and deepen their understanding and relationship with God as they forward His Kingdom as the next generation of “Church.”

Time: 11 AM

Location: 110 Athletes Row, Apopka, FL 32703

The Drizzle

The Drizzle is an online Bible study designed to expand youth’s level of thinking and feeling. We strive to create a safe place where open, honest conversations are facilitated among youth as we dig through impactful spiritual literature. Sometimes these sessions will include exploring sensitive yet important topics that youth are interested in.

Currently The Drizzle occurs each Friday at 8 pm on Zoom.

Upcoming Events

These are just some of our recurring events. We constantly have more upcoming.

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