The Story of Patmos Chapel SDA Church


Elder L. S. Follete started a small church company in a tent on the corner of Rear Street and New England Avenue in Winter Park, Florida. Brother Sidney Matthews, who assisted him in the tent effort and his wife, Lura, worked diligently with the newly formed company for the next 13 years, often foregoing attendance of their home church in Sanford, FL.


The company met at the homes of various members, but usually at the home of Sister Olivia Madison on the corner of Virginia and Lyman. During 1949 and 1950, the company grew weak and dispersed for a short time, with some worshiping in Orlando, and some in Sanford.


In the Summer of 1953, approximately 15 years after Elder Follette’s evangelistic effort, a tent was pitched on the corner of New England Avenue and Virginia Avenue (one block fromthe 1937 site.)


Elder Barker suggested the name “Patmos Chapel,” because this was the church of the last day message, and it was on the Isle of Patmos that God gave the last day message to the apostle John.
The church building was completed, occupied, and dedicated in 1955, under the leadership of Elder C.B. Rock, who succeeded Elder Barker as district pastor.


In 1976, Pastor O.H. Paul and the church began to raise funds for a new church home. Service was held at the Flowers Temple Church of God in Christ, located on the corner of Lyman and Capen Avenue.


On July 21, 1978, the Canton Avenue structure was destroyed by fire.
The present Swoope Avenue site was chosen and purchase was completed in November, 1978.


In January 1979, Elder Clevelan Mair became pastor and continued the fund raising and building program started under the leadership of Elder Paul. In September, 1979, with Elder Edson Jackson leading out as general contractor, and with the assistance of Ercil Jackson, construction began on a six thousand (6000) square foot facility that served as our church home for the next eighteen (18) years.


n 1992, Pastor C.L. Wright replaced Pastor Taylor, and the growth cycle accelerated to the point of unbearable crowding at Sabbath morning services.


Between 1993 and 1999, the Lord brought into focus a vision for expansion of the church structure from six thousand (6000) square feet to twenty-four thousand (24,000) square feet.


In October of 1999, construction of the present facility began.


Services were held in the gymnasium of the Mt. Sinai Seventh-day Adventist Church School, thanks to the generosity of our loving big sister church.


On April 6, 1991, under the leadership of Elder Malcolm G. Taylor, the Lord blessed us to pay of the mortgage on the Swoope Avenue Church. Long before it was paid off, it became clear that Patmos needed a larger facility as the church grew mightily under the ministry of pastor Taylor.
On August, 28, 2001, after much sacrifice and hard work, after much heartache and disappointment, after many dangers, toils and snares, after a last minute storm that knocked out the power and dashed our hopes, God led us “out of the wilderness” and into our present home. We celebrated the goodness of God with a grand opening service on September 28, 2000.


On Sabbath, September 20, 2008, Patmos Chapel received its fourth pastor in the last 25 yeas in the person of Pastor Samuel M. Dade, Jr.


In 2009, the Mayor of the City of Winter Park, Kenneth W. Bradley, officially made a proclamation to have Patmos Chapel Anniversary an officially recognized day that will be always noted in the City of Winter Park official records and history.


On October 16, 2010, Pastor Samuel M. Dade, First Elder Thaddeus Jackson, and the Church Board along with the other Church Elders will make the Dedication and Declaration of the name change from the Patmos Chapel Fellowship Hall to the “Elder Jackson Hall.”


Pastor Byron Shea Crockett was assigned to us as the very first Associate Pastor in the history of Patmos Chapel from August of 2011 – February of 2015.


Pastor Yvette Parham succeeded Pastor Crockett as the next Associate Pastor. She became the first female pastor to be employed in the history of the Southeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Pastor Parham was installed on April 18, 2015 and remained until the Fall Semester at Andrews University Theological Seminary began the first week in August of 2015.
Pastor Lindsay Syeh is the third Associate Pastor and second female Pastor in Patmos Chapel’s illustrious history.


Dr. James R. Doggette, Sr. succeeded Pastor Dade as the next Pastor.


Dr. Rupert Bushner, Jr. joined Dr. Doggette as the Co-Pastor.


Pastor Marvin McLean joined Dr. Doggette as the Co-Pastor.